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Above your standards. Beyond your expectations.

View of a Cessna CJ3+ in the snow.

Welcome to Thrive

Thrive Aviation is a private aviation company that provides the highest level of luxury, safety and service. Our prestigious and reliable flights provide a unique travel experience that enables each of our guests and propels them towards their potential.

A woman looks out the windows inside a jet.

Our Services

Elevated Experiences.

Personal and exclusive, our services make each moment of your journey with Thrive Aviation remarkable. From our sophisticated and accessible pickup service to our welcoming and experienced pilots, our offerings ensure that your experiences are elevated above and beyond your expectations.

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Our Fleet

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Driver reaching for a car door handle.

Concierge Service

Exclusive Excellence.

Our personalized concierge services create a perfect atmosphere for your flight and ensure that your needs will be met before they are needed. We work to transform your journey into an exclusive experience of accommodation and facilitation at the highest level.

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Young woman disembarks from a private jet.

Jet Card Membership

Fly Your Way.

Your Thrive Jet Card Membership provides you with the all-inclusive experience you seek. With us, your booking, hours, and rate benefits will be precisely tracked and monitored, ensuring that your flights and rewards are managed to perfection.

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Charter Safety

Highest Standards of Safety

Our jets and our processes were created to meet and exceed every safety and regulatory requirement within our industry. We developed our services to expand the comfort of our guests while reducing the risks.  With our Argus rating, we are staying steps ahead of the industry standard and working to keep the bar raised.