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Jet Card Membership

Join the Club.

Take control of your travel with our Jet Card Program. You’ll gain the ultimate flexibility of flight while receiving the highest level of convenience and service on every flight with us.

What is a Jet Card?

Jet Card is an on-demand program that offers a convenient way for guests to select different aircraft for fixed hourly rates. When you’re a Jet Card Member, you are never grounded and can always fly when you want and where you want with no contract exchanges or individual payments. Simply put, you can fly private with the same ease of driving when you become a Jet Card member.


Interior of a jet with a view of the cockpit.


Benefits of the Jet Card

Simple pricing, a network of national connections, and the comfort and class you’ve come to expect from us; that’s just the beginning of your Jet Card Membership. When you join our program, you’ll have your choice of any jet in our fleet and any flight connection that we have available. And best of all, you’ll receive outstanding discounts on your private travel costs.


A stylish couple disembarking from their private jet.Become a Member

Like all of our services, we make becoming a member very easy for you. Find everything you need by contacting us at (702) 736-0077 or by filling out the contact form.